35 mm vs. Digital and I am on the 35 mm side will I ever film on that?

Some film directors such as Christopher Nolan,[17] Paul Thomas Anderson[18] and Quentin Tarantino have publicly criticized digital cinema, and advocated the use of film and film prints. Tarantino has suggested he may retire because he will no longer be able to have his films projected in 35mm in most American cinemas. Tarantino considers digital cinema to be simply “television in public.”[19] Christopher Nolan has speculated that the film industries adoption of digital formats has been driven purely by economic factors as opposed to digital being a superior medium to film: “I think, truthfully, it boils down to the economic interest of manufacturers and [a production] industry that makes more money through change rather than through maintaining the status quo.”[17]

Another concern with digital image capture is how to archive all the digital material. Archiving digital material is turning out to be extremely costly, and it creates issues in terms of long-term preservation. In a 2007 study, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences found that the cost of storing 4K digital masters is “enormously higher – 1100% higher – than the cost of storing film masters.” Furthermore, digital archiving faces challenges due to the insufficient longevity of today’s digital storage: no current media, be it, magnetic hard drives or digital tape, can reliably store a film for a hundred years, something that properly stored and handled film can do.[20] Although this also used to be the case with optical disc, in 2012, Millenniata, Inc. a digital storage company based in Utah, released M-DISC, an optical storage solution, designed to last up to 1,000 years, thus, offering a possibility of digital storage as a viable storage solution.[21][22]


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